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Robert W. Owen is Executive Vice President of GlobalOptions, Inc., "an international security and risk management company." Owen's name is linked with the Iran/Contra scandal.

"'The National Endowment for the Preservation of Liberty' (NEPL), or the 'Institution for Democracy, Education and Assistance' (IDEA) 'non-profit', 'tax-free' organisations dedicated to the education of the general public all illustrate the hypocrisy and cynicism of Oliver North and his associates. These organisations where not in the least bit interested in anything their titles suggested. NEPL and IDEA were both created in 1984, NEPL by Carl R. Channell and IDEA by Robert W. Owen, men that Oliver North brought on board in order to avoid direct involvement of government agents or agencies. These organisations worked as agencies to raise and divert funds for the covert activity in the Contras after the passing of the Boland Amendment. Owen's organisation worked in conjunction with other phoney organisations that North and others had devised in order to indirectly control funds that government bodies donated."[1]

"The Joint Congressional Committee on the Iran-contra affair recently [1987] met Robert W. Owen, who had carried money to the contras for Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, with the chill welcome of a grant of immunity for his sins; and after several days of testimony it bade him farewell with effusive tenders of praise for his virtues."[2]

According to his Global Options' biography, "Rob Owen has extensive experience in international relations, security, crisis management, and public relations. He worked on terrorism, security, and foreign policy related issues on Capitol Hill for then U.S. Senator J. Danforth Quayle. He has also managed a uniquely sensitive foreign policy contract for the U.S. State Department in Central America. Owen was later the Executive Director of the Institute on Terrorism and Sub-National Conflict.

"Currently, he is using his expertise to assist clients that include multinational corporations, the U.S. Government, and high net-worth individuals. Recently, Owen led a GlobalOptions team of security experts to conduct threat and vulnerability assessments for a U.S. corporation with facilities in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. He is also coordinating a team that is studying the protection of nuclear fissile material in Russia.

"At one time, Owen represented the Republic of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was actively involved in opening a political and economic dialogue between the ROC and the Ukrainian government. These negotiations resulted in the first-ever exchange of government officials between the two countries.

"Owen also represented a U.S./Korean company that formed a joint venture in Kiev, Ukraine. Later while working in El Salvador he managed security and government relations for a U.S. company in San Salvador.

"Prior to joining Quayle's staff Owen worked along the Thai-Cambodian border in a refugee camp. After leaving Quayle's office, Owen joined a prominent Washington, D.C. public relations firm where he represented a variety of foreign governments. He left the PR firm to play a critical role in supporting the Nicaraguan resistance (Contras). Leaving Washington, Owen became special assistant for international liaison at a Christian ministry where he was responsible for expanding relations in Europe and the Soviet Union.

"He has testified before Congress, and appeared as a commentator on radio talk shows and television programs such as ABC Nightline, Fox News, CBS Morning Show, Larry King, Charlie Rose, Canada AM, and CBN's 700 Club.

"Besides Owen's international experience, he has been a private school administrator and fundraiser raising over $25 million for private education.

"After being away from Washington, Owen returned to become Executive Vice President of GlobalOptions, an international security and risk management company.

"He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in political science and received his MBA from Florida Atlantic University."

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