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Global Alliances "provides Strategic Communications.

"The Firm has assisted its clients in the raising of over $130 million in public and private equity, define new markets or position new product offerings reaching more than 10 million customers and position major international leaders and causes." [1]

They have undertaken "Development, Research, Market Analysis" work for the following groups: Advanced Motion Technologies, All-Tech Investment Group, California Democratic Party, CARE Deutschland, Coca Cola Enterprises, Environmental Defense Fund, Environmental Merchant Bank (Chase), Hastings School of Law, International Data Group, Int’l Satellite Business, Communications Systems, In:Sync Investments, Mitsubishi Electric America, NASDAQ Stock Market, National Association of Women Business Owners , NRDC, The Natural Step, Arnold Palmer Golf Mgmt, Ploughshares Fund, Tangent Computer. [2]

They have undertaken "Public Affairs, Political and Government Services" for: Amalgamated Publishers, Assn. of American Railroads, Bahrain Trade Board, Benazir Bhutto, Berwind Corporation, Mayor Willie Brown, President George Bush, Chemical Manufacturers Assn., Ciba-Geigy Pharmaceuticals, Fannie Mae Corporation, Governor Vicente Fox, President Gorbachev, US Senator Humphrey, International Foreign Policy Assocation, Mexico 2000 Committee, Pakistan People's Party, Republic of China (Taiwan), Eduard Shevardnadze, Margaret Thatcher, USTDA, Prime Minister of Turkey, UNCED (Earth Summit), Boris Yelstin. [3]

Core Team

Accessed January 2009: [4]

In Association

  • Kirk Bergstrom, Founder and President, WorldLink and WorldLink Foundation. Multi-media direction, educational outreach, symposium management, film, video development.
  • Susan Burns, Founder and President, Natural Strategies. Corporate environmental strategy and training.
  • Jonathan Scott Lieberman, Founder and CEO, Aliant. Full service Internet marketing, branding, and technology solutions.
  • Jeff Clark, Esq., Business and investment legal counsel.
  • Hope Frank, Founding Partner, Frank Harrison Perez Corporation, CEO, Strategy10x. Strategic marketing, brand strategy, global implementation, speciality Fortune 1000, Silicon Valley, SE Asia, Japan, Europe.
  • Amy C. Fritz, Founding Partner, Fritz Design. Advertising design, event print image creation, promotional and publications design, comprehensive image strategies.
  • Marianne Gaddy, Founder and Principal, VentureSpark. Fundraising and business development services.
  • Gregory Heisler, Founder and Principal, Heisler Studios. Senior Photographer, Time/Life Magazines.
  • Lawrence P. Kast, Co-Founder and Principal, John Freshman Associates, Inc.
  • Roger G. Macdonald, Founder and President, Global Research Services. Research, market analysis and media monitoring.
  • Harriett Mouchly-Weiss, Founder and President, Strategy XXI Group. Crisis Communications, Image Enhancement, International Trade and Investment Promotion.
  • Michael Olmstead, Founder and President, E2K. Event planning, symposium management, speaking tours, satellite conferencing, broadcast management and production.
  • Pavel Palazchenko, Moscow Representative and Senior Counselor to Mikhail Gorbachev. Public Strategy Counsel.
  • Barry Soicher, Founder, Soicher Media. Former VP, Red Herring and Industry Standard.

Advisory Board

Accessed January 2009: [5]

Consortium Firms

Accessed January 2009: [6]



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