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"Hidden Leaf Foundation’s philanthropy is grounded in the belief that the worldview and practices of the dominant global society must undergo fundamental changes for humankind to pursue a more just, ecologically healthy, and compassionate society. We also believe that the work of manifesting inner wisdom in the outer world is an essential pathway for advancing such a life-affirming society. Thus, Hidden Leaf’s mission is to expand inner awareness within social change organizations in order to enhance the effectiveness of the progressive movement." [1]

"By “turning their gaze inward,” more and more social change organizations are developing wise and compassionate leaders, strengthening the health and sustainability of their organizations, forging effective coalitions, growing healthy movements and cultivating new ways of envisioning our society. Incorporating inner awareness practices into our work lives, reconnecting with our values and motivations, and creating more alignment between inner and outer work can result in radical transformation for those laboring to effect social change. For example, Social Justice Leadership works with grassroots leaders in New York City to develop practices that help them stay centered, focused and, therefore, more effective in all aspects of their lives. Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice uses a technology called Forward Stance which teaches participants to align with their core power, so that they can more effectively build collective power. Mindfulness practices help Forest Ethics’ staff engage productively with their would-be adversaries—rendering successful campaigns to protect millions of acres of old growth forest and the lives of those who depend on them...

"Some of Hidden Leaf’s key allies describe this work well... Movement Strategy Center ... Seasons Fund for Social Transformation ." [2]


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Grant Recipients Since the Year 2000

Accessed June 2013: [4]


Web: http://hiddenleaf.org/

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