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"Internet Project Kosovo – later called IPKO – was founded in 1999 by Akan Ismaili, Teresa Crawford and Paul Meyer with support from the International Rescue Committee, DFID and the US government. The first post war Internet Service Provider, IPKO quickly became a powerful local enterprise.

"In 2000 IPKO was registered as a local nongovernmental organization. In 2001 IPKO split into two entities – IPKOnet and IPKO Institute. IPKOnet, owned by the local employees with IPKO Institute retaining 1/3 ownership, continued to expand services providing broadband, mobile, fixed telephony, dial up Internet and television. IPKO Institute transformed the educational landscape and brought a new way of training young people in ICTs and management for the digital age.

"In 2006 IPKOnet was bought by Telekom Slovenija and in this transaction IPKO Institute sold its shares in IPKOnet. The sale established an endowment of 3,000,000 Euros and IPKO Institute was in a position to radically change its operations.

"In 2008 IPKO Institute was transformed into IPKO Foundation and from 2009 is implementing a digital vision for Kosovo including university scholarships, awards for digital vision and innovation in business and a gala ‘Innovation” awards event." [1]


Accessed November 2010: [2]


URL: http://www.ipkofoundation.org

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