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Indur Goklany previously worked for the Office of Policy Analysis of the U.S. Department of the Interior and is currently a Julian Simon Fellow at the conservative think tank, the Political Economy Research Center. He is also a speaker at Lindenwood Institute for the Study of Economics and the Environment, which sponsors "lectures from conservative thinkers on topics such as environmental protection through free-markets, the ineffectiveness of the Kyoto protocol and the faulty science of climate change, and the benefits of opening ANWR to drilling." [1]

He is on the academic advisory council of the Global Warming Policy Foundation


Goklany was a speaker at the International Conference on Climate Change (2009) hosted by the conservative think tank, the Heartland Institute. His presentation was titled, "Climate Change Impacts." [2]

Goklany is a regular guest poster on Watts Up With That .[3] It should also be noted that Goklany is active in rewriting the history of DDT and the measures to control malaria [4] . This may well be part of an effort to make a revision of environmental legislation of the past , to discredit environmental measures of today, as suggested by Dr Naomi Oreskes in her book Merchants of Doubt.

Dr Indur Goklany is also a member of the Academic Advisory Council of the Global Warming Policy Foundation.[5] Dr Goklany is also affiliated with the Exxon Funded thinktank the International Policy Network[6] He is also co-editor of the Electronic Journal of Sustainable Development.

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