Iraqi Armed Forces: CPA: Guidelines

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The following is excerpted from the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) Guidelines regarding the establishment and operation of the Iraqi Armed Forces:

According to Chapter 1, Article 5 of the "Law of Administration for the State of Iraq for the Transitional Period", dated March 8, 2004, the Iraqi Armed Forces "shall be subject to the civilian control of the Iraqi Transitional Government, in accordance with the contents of Chapters Three and Five of this Law."

According to Chapter 3, Article 27 provides more detailed guidelines for the Iraqi Armed Forces:

  • A: The Iraqi Armed Forces shall consist of the active and reserve units, and elements thereof. The purpose of these forces is the defense of Iraq.
  • B: Armed forces and militias not under the command structure of the Iraqi Transitional Government are prohibited, except as provided by federal law.
  • C: The Iraqi Armed Forces and its personnel, including military personnel working in the Ministry of Defense or any offices or organizations subordinate to it, may not stand for election to political office, campaign for candidates, or participate in other activities forbidden by Ministry of Defense regulations. This ban encompasses the activities of the personnel mentioned above acting in their personal or official capacities. Nothing in this Article shall infringe upon the right of these personnel to vote in elections.
  • D: The Iraqi Intelligence Service shall collect information, assess threats to national security, and advise the Iraqi government. This Service shall be under civilian control, shall be subject to legislative oversight, and shall operate pursuant to law and in accordance with recognized principles of human rights.
  • E: The Iraqi Transitional Government shall respect and implement Iraq's international obligations regarding the non-proliferation, non-development, non-production, and non-use of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, and associated equipment, materiel, technologies, and delivery systems for use in the development, manufacture, production, and use of such weapons.