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Jacob, Medinger & Finnegan is a product liability (tort) law firm which was created in 1973 out of the older firm of Jacob & Medinger which was the firm used by the tobacco industry to launder payments made to corrupted academics.

The 2003 court case United States of America vs Philip Morris Inc. allows no room for doubt as to how central Edwin J. Jacob and his lawfirm were in supporting the corrupt practices of the tobacco industry. It was with Shook Hardy & Bacon and Covington & Burling one of the three major legal supports for these practices. Jacob, Medinger & Finnegan appears to have merged with Shook Hardy & Bacon at some stage because they took over many (of not all) of the functions of the law firm.

Edwin Jacob was the key lawyer for the company who provided a range of services for the Tobacco Industry Research Committee (TIRC) and it's January 1964 re-emergence as the Council for Tobacco Research (CTR -- and the tobacco industry in general, including the laundering of funds and the handling of special secret accounts known as CTR Special Projects (Special Account #3, Special Account #4 and Special Account #5) to make sure that payments weren't traceable via discovery during court cases.

Ed Jacobs handed over most of the law firms tobacco work to Timothy Finnegan before the Shook Hardy & Bacon merger.



Contact Details

Jocob, Medinger & Finnegan
1270 Avenue of the Americas,
Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10020-1700
Phone: (212) 332-7700
Fax: (212) 524-5050
Website: http://www.jmfnylaw.com

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