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John D. Miller is a member of the board of trustees at the Temple of Understanding at the United Nations.

Miller is co-founder and co-chairman at StarVest Partners, Inc., "a New York-based venture capital fund dedicated to working with outstanding entrepreneurs to build world-class e-business services and software companies."[1] Miller "represents StarVest on the Boards of Journée and Servador, Inc.; is an Observer on MessageOne and supports StarVest's effort on BlueStreak, Inc. and Vcommerce;"[2] ... [and] is an "Observer on AudioBasket, Inc., InfoLibria, NetEffect and Virtual Growth."[3]

"John is the former President of Rothschild Ventures Inc., the private investments unit of Rothschild North America, a subsidiary of the worldwide Rothschild Group. He was also Co-Chairman of the Rothschild Recovery Fund L.P. Before joining Rothschild in 1995, he was with two private equity firms, CSFB's Clipper group; and Starplough Inc., an affiliate of Rosecliff. John was with The Equitable for 24 years in various investment units. In the early 1990s he was named President and CEO of Equitable Capital Management Corporation. He received a BS from the University of Utah and a MBA from the University of Santa Clara."[4]