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Karl Haro von Model runs Biology Fortified, Inc. (Biofortifed or BFI), which claims to be an independent educational tax-exempt non-profit organization incorporated in Wisconsin.[1] The organization promotes GMOs and pesticides and has been noted for it's strong ties to Monsanto. The group denies accepting funding from "private companies, for-profit corporations, or political interests" but court documents imply otherwise.[2]

For example, in late 2017 documents were released as part of a lawsuit against Monsanto regarding the possible carcinogenicity of the pesticide glyphosate.[3] One document detailed Monsanto's battle plan against the World Health Organization, which was planning to classify glyphosate as a possible carcinogen. On page five, Monsanto's plan listed strategies and tactics for discrediting the World Health Organization before it released it's ruling, and named several "industry partners" they would work with that included Biofortified, Sense About Science, Genetic Literacy Project, and Academics Review.[4]

In a report that examined corporate attacks on science, Congress found that to discredit the World Health Organization (WHO), Monsanto "turned to industry trade groups, such as CropLife and industry front groups, such as Genetic Literacy Project and Academics Review as platforms of support for industry spokespersons."[5]

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