Linda Chavez

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Linda Chavez writes a weekly syndicated column that appears in conservative newspapers across the country, and a political analyst for Fox News Channel. She is noted for her strident opposition to affirmative action.

Chavez was George W. Bush's original nominee to head the Department of Labor in the Bush Administration, but she withdrew her name from consideration after controversy arose over an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who lived in her home in the early 1990s.

Chavez ran unsuccessfully as the Republican nominee for the United States Senate for the state of Maryland in 1986.

After her failed Senate bid, Chavez "became the president of U.S. English, a private non-profit organization lobbying to make English the official national language. In late 1988 she resigned from U.S. English; her reasoning was that she could not work with its founder John Tanton, who, in Chavez's estimation, had demonstrated an "anti-Hispanic" and "anti-Catholic" bias". [1]

Since 1985, Chavez has served as President of the Center for Equal Opportunity, a non-profit public policy research organization in Washington, DC.

She is married to Christopher Gersten, who heads the Institute for Religious Values.