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Lydia Sargent "is co-founder and editor of Z Magazine. She is a writer, author, playwright, and actor. She was a founder and original member of the South End Press Collective. She organizes the Z Media Institute every year as well as teaching classes there." [1]

Writing in 2008, Lydia notes that: "Because a new left “totalist” politics had developed during that time, our mission when we started Z Magazine (and South End Press, as well) was to create a media institution that would not only critique existing society and institutions, but would relate this new politics to existing movements, to those just becoming radical, and to a larger public. Otherwise, it would be ignored, revised, or misrepresented by mainstream media outlets. We also wanted to create a left media institution that was self-sustaining and that reflected in its collective structure our values—for peace and justice and against white supremacist capitalist patriarchy politics. We hoped that this non-hierarchical structure would serve, eventually, as one possible model for activists in their vision and strategy for a better society and the institutions that might foster more humane values." [2]

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