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Z Magazine "is an independent monthly magazine dedicated to resisting injustice, defending against repression, and creating liberty. It sees the racial, gender, class, and political dimensions of personal life as fundamental to understanding and improving contemporary circumstances; and it aims to assist activist efforts for a better future." [1]

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In their 2011 fundraising appeal launched in January 2011, Michael Albert noted that at only three times in their history had in attempted to obtained large amounts of funding ($500,000 plus) from rich donors. The three potential donors he spent time trying to persuade to support Z were Mitch Capor, Abby Rockefeller Mauze, and Jeff Lurie. From Capor he obtained "about $7,500 after about a months work"; from Abby they only "obtained a few tens of thousands of dollars"; and from Laurie zero funds after spending two years trying to persuade him to support Z. [2]


Z (Magazine, Net, Video Productions, or Media Institute)
18 Millfield Street
Woods Hole, Massachusetts 02543.
Phone: (508) 548-9063
Web: http://zmagsite.zmag.org/curTOC.htm

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