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"Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, long-time critic of neo-Darwinism and genetic engineering and pioneer of a “physics of organisms,” is one of the most influential and widely sought-after speakers in the new paradigm of organic science. As Director and co-founder of the Institute of Science in Society and scientific advisor to the Third World Network, she has had plenty of opportunity to put her science in action." [1]



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  • Mae-Wan Ho. Genetic engineering: dream or nightmare? Turning the tide on the brave new world of bad science and big business, New York, NY: Continuum, 2000. First published by Gateway Books.
  • Mae-Wan Ho. Living with the fluid genome, London, UK: Institute of Science in Society; Penang, Malaysia: Third World Network, 2003.
  • Mae-Wan Ho, Sam Burcher, Rhea Gala and Vejko Velkovic. Unraveling AIDS: the independent science and promising alternative therapies, Ridgefield, CT: Vital Health Pub., 2005.
  • Mae-Wan Ho, Peter Bunyard, Peter Saunders, Elizabeth Bravo, Rhea Gala, Which Energy? (2006 Institute of Science in Society Energy Report)
  • Food Futures Now, Organic, Sustainable, Fossil Fuel Free (2008), Green Energies (2009)


  • "Institute of Science in Society: beware!", DC's Improbable Science. July 2006. "There is also an amazing piece of sheer pseudo-scientific nonsense, “Homeopathic Medicine is Nanopharmacology” by Dana Ullman (though elsewhere on the site, nanotechnology gets a bad press)."

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  • Starting with a paper in 1979 and later expanded into a book with Peter Saunders and other scientists, Ho published Beyond Neo-Darwinism: An Introduction to the New Evolutionary Paradigm (1984)
  • GE - The Unholy Alliance Dr Mae-Wan Ho (Feature Article from The Ecologist, Vol.27, No.4, July/August 1997)


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