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Mark Noonan, 44, is a senior writer for Blogs For Victory[1]—which replaced Blogs for Bush in November 2007—. "Born absurdly in New York State, he grew up in California, served four years in the United States Navy and has lived in Las Vegas, Nevada area for the past fourteen years. He is a student of history with ambitions of writing both historical works and fiction novels."— Blogs for Bush and GOP Bloggers.[2]

Other profiles

Mark Edward Noonan is a 44 year old US Navy veteran living in North Las Vegas, Nevada. He first started blogging in November 2003 as one of the first writers of Blogs For Bush, and is also a contributor to GOP Bloggers. Mark Noonan is running for the GOP nomination for Senate, seeking the honor of beating Harry Reid in 2010.

"His opinions are fueled by a voracious appetite for reading, while his continued writing is fueled by a desire to become a professional, full-time writer on public affairs.

"To pay the bills, he works as a credit underwriter; he is married and has no children but does have a small dog to provide both humor and grief.

"He is not related to Peggy Noonan."

According to a September 28, 2004, profile written by Noonan for Pop + Politics, "Mark Noonan is a 42-year-old man who lives in North Las Vegas, Nevada. He is of rigidly Catholic theology, mighty disappointed to note he'll soon be 43, and to steal from Douglas Adams a bit he is almost, but not quite, exactly unlike anyone you've ever met. His favorite recreation is to write commentary about current affairs."

Published works

Mark Noonan, along with co-Author Matt Margolis, have released the book "Caucus of Corruption" via World Ahead Publishing. This book details the corruption rampant in the Congressional Democratic party.


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External articles

  • Anjeanette Damon, "Bloggers poised to be players on state's campaign landscape," Reno Gazette-Journal (NV), November 20, 2005: "And Mark Noonan, a 42-year-old underwriter from North Las Vegas, who already has a national following as a writer for Blogs for Bush and GOP Bloggers and Battle Born Politics. ... 'I'm a conservative Republican,' he said. 'This will not be a balanced blog. I will give the other side their due, but I'm here to support my side.'" Note: This new website has not been located online.
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  • "Noonan on the Case," The Questions to Your Answers, July 5, 2006. (Mark Noonan wishes it to be known that the author of this hit piece gets it wrong on a lot of particulars regarding WWII - a small matter, but as its central to her argument...)