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The following blogs and bloggers are listed alphabetically according to the first letter in the blog name.

Note: Check under T for blogs that begin with The.

Blogs on the war in Iraq

See the LarsonReport for a list of "Blogs on the War in Iraq".

Alphabetized listing of blogs and bloggers


  • AlterNet PEEK (Best of the Blogs) (web)






  • "Facts Not Fear", Rev Jim Sutter (web)
  • firedoglake, Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel) and Christy Hardin Smith (web)
  • Flopping Aces (web)
  • FOX News Hounds (web)
  • Free Republic


  • Gates of Vienna, Dymphna and Baron Bodissey (web)
  • Gateway Pundit (web)
  • Grasping Reality with Both Hands, Brad Delong (web)
  • GriffsNotesDC/Fox News, Griff Jenkins (web)
  • Gristmill (web)





  •, Kurt Nimmo (web)


  • Lawyers, Guns & Money (web)
  • Liberal Rapture (web)
  • LiberalOasis (web)
  • Like Kryptonite to Stupid, Oliver Willis (web)
  • Little Green Footballs (web)




  • Orcinus, Dave Neiwart (web)
  • Outside the Beltway, James Joyner (web)





  • Sadly, No! (web)
  • Salon's War Room, Tim Grieve (web) (a Salon blog)
  • Savage Politics, J. Cifre (web)
  • Scared Monkeys (web)
  • Seeing the Forest, Dave Johnson (web)
  • Shakesville (web)
  • SirotaBlog, David Sirota (web)
  • Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (web)
  • Small Wars Journal, David Dilegge (web)
  • SpouseBUZZ, Andi Hurley (web)
  • News Blog, Steve Gilliard (web)
  • Stop The ACLU (web)
  • Suburban Guerrilla, Susie Madrak (web)
  • Sweetness & Light (web)
  • Swing State Project (web)


  • Tailrank (web)
  • Talk Left, Jeralyn Merritt (web)
  • Talking Points Memo, Joshua Micah Marshall, Spencer Ackerman (web)
  • TAPPED (web) (a Center for American Progress Blog)
  •, Taylor Marsh
  • TBogg (web)
  • Tennessee Guerilla Women, egalia (web)
  • TexasDarlin (web)
  • The Agonist, Sean-Paul Kelly, Ian Welsh, et al. (web)
  • The Air Force Pundit, Lt. Jarred Fishman (web)
  • The American Mind (web)
  • The American Spectator (web)
  • The Anchoress (web)
  • The Belgravia Dispatch, Gregory Djerejian (web)
  • The Belmont Club, Richard Fernandez (web)
  • The Best of the Best, James Taranto (Wall Street Journal blog)
  • The Black Commentator (web)
  • The Blog Report, Steve Benen, ed. (web) (a Salon blog page)
  • The Blogometer web) (a blog of National Journal's The Hotline)
  • The Blue State (web)
  • The Brad Blog, Brad Friedman (web)
  • The Carpetbagger Report, Steve Benen (web)
  • The Caucus (web) (a New York Times blog)
  • The Confluence, Riverdaughter (web)
  • The Conscience of a Liberal, Paul Krugman (web) (a New York Times blog)
  • The Corner (web) (a National Review Online blog)
  • The Crisis Papers (web)
  • The D-Ring, Steve Field (web)
  • The Daily Dish, Andrew Sullivan (web) (an Atlantic Online blog)
  • The Daily Howler, Bob Somerby, ed. (web)
  • The Daily Kos, Markos Moulitsas and featured diarists Hunter (Michael Lazarro), georgia10 (Georgia Logothetis), DavidNYC, and McJoan (Joan McCarter) (web)
  • The Democratic Daily, Pamela Leavey (web)
  • The Free Press (web)
  • The FudgeReport (Inactive; seeweb.)
  • The Gavel, Jesse Lee (web) (a blog of the Speaker of the House)
  • The Gun Toting Liberal, Alex Melonas, Megan Donovan (web)
  • The Hotline/Hotline On Call (web) (a National Journal blog)
  • The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington (web)
  • The Jawa Report (web)
  • The Jed Report (web)
  • The Left Coaster, Steve Soto, et al. (web)
  • The Long War Journal, DJ Elliott, Bill Roggio (web)
  • The Mahablog (web)
  • The Moderate Voice, Joe Gandelman (web)
  • The Mudville Gazette, Greyhawk (web)
  • The Nation (web)
  • The Next Hurrah, Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel) (web)
  • The Ostroy Report, Andy Ostroy (web)
  • The Other McCain, Robert Stacy McCain (web)
  • The Page, Mark Halperin (web) (a TIME blog)
  • The Political Carnival (web)
  • The Politico (web)
  • The Progressive, Matthew Rothschild et al. (web)
  • The Randi Rhodes Show, Randi Rhodes (web)
  • The Raw Story (web)
  • The Real Barack Obama (web)
  • The Reality-Based Community (The RBC) (web)
  • The Red State (web)
  • the rude pundit, rude one (web)
  • The Rush Limbaugh Show, Rush Limbaugh (web)
  • The Sideshow, Avedon Carol (web) (UK)
  • The Smirking Chimp (web)
  • The Stakeholder (web) (a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee blog)
  • The Strata-Sphere, A.J. Strata (web)
  • The Swift Report (web)
  • The Tank' (National Review), W. Thomas Smith Jr. (web)
  • The 10,000 Things (web)
  • The Washington Monthly, Kevin Drum (web)
  • The Washington Note, Steven C. Clemons (web)
  • The Weekly Standard
  • The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, and Jill Pike (web)
  • ThinkProgress, Faiz Shakir, editor; Nico Pitney, Amanda Terkel, Satyam Khanna, and Matt Corley (web)
  • This Modern World, Tom Tomorrow (web)
  • ThreatsWatch, Steve Schippert, Clay Varney, Marvin Hutchens (web)
  •, Tom Engelhardt (web)
  • TomPaine.commonsense (web)
  • Top of the Ticket (web) (a Los Angeles Times blog)
  • TPMCafe (web) (a Talking Points Memo Blog)
  • TPMmuckraker, Justin Rood, Paul Kiel (web) (a Talking Points Memo Blog)
  • Trail Mix, CQ Politics, Craig Crawford (web)
  • Truthdig! (web)



  • Velvet Revolution (web)




  • Yid with Lid (web)


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