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Dr. Michael Tobias "is the President of the Dancing Star Foundation. He is a global ecologist, author and filmmaker.

"Dr. Tobias did his Ph.D. in the History of Consciousness at the University of California-Santa Cruz. Tobias has lectured widely. He was an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies & Adjunct Assistant Professor English and the Humanities at Dartmouth College, an Associate Professor of Humanities at California State University-Northridge, the Garrey Carruthers Chair of Honors and Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of New Mexico-Albuquerque, and Regents’ Lecturer, at the University of California-Santa Barbara.

"Dr. Tobias is the author of 30 books (including several edited anthologies, and both fiction and non-fiction). Some of his better-known works include: “World War III – Population and the Biosphere at the End of the Millennium,” Preface by Jane Goodall, “A Vision of Nature – Traces of the Original World,” “Nature’s Keepers – on the Frontlines of the Fight to Save Wildlife in America,” “A Day in the Life of India,” “Voices from the Underground – For the Love of Animals,” “ Environmental Meditation,” “Life Force – The World of Jainism,” “Voice of the Planet,” “Kinship With Animals, “ (co-edited), “The Soul of Nature” (co-edited), and “A Parliament of Science – Science for the 21st Century” (co-edited). In addition Tobias has written, directed, produced, executive produced or co-executive produced well over 100 films – TV series, documentaries and dramas, most pertaining to environmental, cultural, social or scientific issues. Some of those works include the 15-part series, “A Parliament of Minds,” the 28-part series, “A Parliament of Souls,” the ten-hour dramatic miniseries, “Voice of the Planet,” and such other works as “Ahimsa –Non-Violence,” “Black Tide,” “Antarctica: The Last Continent,” “A Day in the Life of India,” “A Day in the Life of Ireland, “World War III,” “The Sky’s On Fire,” “River of Love,” “America’s Great Parks,” “Element One,” “The Hydrogen Age,” “The Cost of Cool,” “Mad Cowboy” and “No Vacancy.”

"Tobias’ research has taken him to some 50 countries where he has specialized in an interdisciplinary approach to environmental history, scientific, ethical and philosophical frameworks for policy research and documentation, demographic analysis, ecological anthropology, biodiversity conservation, and non-violence activism. In 1996, Tobias received the "Courage of Conscience Award" for his commitment to animals." [1]

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