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Neal Rogin "is a multi-award winning writer and filmmaker whose work has reached millions of people around the world. Throughout his career he has demonstrated a unique ability to conceive and communicate ideas that move people to action and change the way they think.

"He scripted a film for Rock legend Sting and his Rainforest Foundation. The film, entitled “Burning Down Tomorrow,” was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Documentary Short Subject.

"He received a National Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Writing for “Spaceship Earth,” a half-hour television special that aired on the Disney Channel.

"He is also the co-author of several critically acclaimed books, including The Trimtab Factor, with Harold Willens (Wm. Morrow & Company, New York), The Owner's Manual for Your Life, and You Don't Have to Rehearse to Be Yourself, both with Stewart Emery (Doubleday, New York).

"Mr. Rogin also played a major role in the landmark “LIVE AID Concert for African Famine Relief,” as head writer and associate producer of the 16-hour global radio broadcast, and as creator of the program's key televised promotional theme, “Ending Hunger: Now that we can, we must.” LIVE AID, which reached more than 1.5 billion people in 160 countries around the world, was the largest broadcast event in history.

"He is Communications Director for The Pachamama Alliance, a nonprofit partnership between people from the modern world and indigenous people in the Amazon region of Ecuador, and is part of the development team that has created a day long Symposium presented by Pachamama, the purpose of which is to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on this planet.

"Neal wrote, directed and produced a documentary film for the Alliance entitled “The Eagle and the Condor” which highlights the importance of merging ancient indigenous wisdom with our modern technological worldview. His latest film, “The Awakening Universe”, based upon the book, The Universe Story by Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry, explores how the New Cosmology is changing the very definition of what it means to be a person." [1]

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