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Thomas Berry (1914-2009) was a Passionist priest, cultural historian, social critic, and one of the leading environmental thinkers of our time. "Berry was president of the American Teilhard Association and is indebted to the thought of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin for helping shape his own understanding of the universe story." [1] He "received his Ph.D. from The Catholic University of America in European intellectual history. Widely read in Western history and theology, he spent many years studying and teaching the cultures and religions of Asia. He served as founder and director (1970–1995) of the Riverdale Center for Religious Research along the Hudson River and as Professor of Religion at Fordham University where he founded and directed a graduate program in the History of World Religions. He has also taught and traveled extensively in China and Asia. His published works include: Religions of India: Hinduism, Yoga, and Buddhism (Columbia University Press, 1996, c1971), Buddhism (Columbia University Press, 1967), and a number of books regarding environmental issues, including: The Great Work: Our Way into the Third Millennium (Belltower/Random House, 1999), The Dream of the Earth (Sierra Club Books, 1988), and, with Brian Swimme, The Universe Story (HarperSanFrancisco, 1992). He is currently working on a manuscript entitled, A World of Wonder." [2]


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