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Open Society Education Programs - South East Europe (OSEP-SEE)

"The Open Society Institute and network of national foundations established by George Soros support programs in education at all levels throughout the countries of South East Europe. OSEP-SEE was established in 2001 to coordinate the network's education and youth initiatives in the region and to provide technical support as needed. OSEP-SEE operates as an independent unit of the Zavod IRC, a non-profit, educational organization in Slovenia.

"OSEP-SEE is part of the Open Society Institute's broader Education Support Program, whose role is to facilitate and inform the pursuit of education change and national policy development in line with the open society mission. This approach to education emphasizes teaching and learning that develops human potential, systemic change, cost-effective and sustainable solutions, a focus on equity and quality, and democratic governance.

"OSEP-SEE works closely with the South East European Education Cooperation Network , which was established in 2000 under the umbrella of the Stability Pact Task Force on Education and Youth.

Steering Group

Accessed September 2007: [2]

International Donor Partners

Accessed September 2007: [3]



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