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PMA Group was a lobbying firm "specializing in securing defense earmarks for its clients."

In March 2009, shortly before the firm closed, the Chicago Tribune reported that "the firm is disintegrating amid a federal investigation into allegations that its founder, Paul Magliochetti, a former top aide to Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., steered donations to lawmakers through sham donors." [1] PMA had been "one of the 10 biggest [lobbying firms] in Washington." [2]

In April 2009, despite ongoing investigations, Murtha requested "$134 million in earmarks for his district this year," including requests benefiting four PMA clients. The PMA-related earmark requests are for Advanced Acoustic Concepts ($5 million request), Argon ST ($8 million request), MTS Technologies, Inc. ($5 million request) and Planning Systems Inc. ($2.3 million request). [3]


In addition to Murtha, Representative Pete Visclosky also has ties to PMA. "His former congressional chief of staff worked as a lobbyist for the firm, and he received at least $100,000 in contributions from donors tied to PMA Group between 2006 and 2008, according to Federal Election Commission reports. PMA Group was the top donor to Visclosky’s 2008 re-election campaign." [1]

In November 2008, the FBI raided the firm's office, as part of an investigation into PMA's "suspicious campaign donations." After the raid, "many partners left PMA, and its lobbying practice recently closed." In March 2009, the Senate passed a bill providing funding for federal agencies, which included earmarks for 13 PMA clients, bringing them a total of $10 million. Senators John McCain and Tom Coburn offered an amendment to strip the PMA-related earmarks from the bill, but it failed. [4]

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