Philanthropy and Cultural Imperialism

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Philanthropy and Cultural Imperialism: The Foundation at Home and Abroad (Boston, Mass.: G.K. Hall, 1980), edited by Robert F. Arnove. This book has been recently republished by Indiana University Press.

Chapter Titles

  • Robert F. Arnove, ‘Introduction’.
  • Barbara Howe, ‘The Emergence of Scientific Philanthropy’.
  • Sheila Slaughter and Edward T. Silva, ‘Looking Backwards: How Foundations Formulated Ideology in the Progressive Period’.
  • Russell Marks, ‘Legitimating Industrial Capitalism: Philanthropy and Individual Differences’.
  • E. Richard Brown, ‘Rockefeller Medicine in China: Professionalism and Imperialism’.
  • James D. Anderson, ‘Philanthropic Control over Private Black Higher Education’.
  • Edward H. Berman, ‘Educational Colonialism in Africa: The Role of American Foundations at Home and Abroad, 1910-1945’.
  • Edward H. Berman]], ‘The Foundations Role in American Foreign Policy: The Case of Africa, post 1945’.
  • Donald Fisher, ‘American Philanthropy and the Social Sciences: The Reproduction of a Consecutive Ideology’.
  • Peter J. Seybold, ‘The Ford Foundation and the Triumph of Behavioralism in American Political Science’.
  • Robert F. Arnove, ‘Foundation and the Transfer of Knowledge’.
  • Dennis C. Buss, ‘The Ford Foundation in Public Education: Emergent Patterns’.
  • David E. Weischadle, ‘The Carnegie Corporation and the Shaping of American Educational Policy’.
  • Frank A. Darknell, ‘The Carnegie Philanthropy and Private Corporate Influence on Higher Education’.
  • Mary A. C. Colwell, ‘The Foundation Connection: Links among Foundations and Recipient Organization’.



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