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Red Pill University is the name of the organization founded by G. Edward Griffin. On their website Red Pill University is described as, “an outreach project of Freedom Force International.”[1]

Red Pill University hosts the Red Pill Expo, also founded by Griffin. The website states the mission of the Expo as, “Our purpose is to help truth seekers understand how the world really works – contrary to commonly held illusions. The visionary of this movement is G. Edward Griffin…”[2]

The Red Pill University YouTube channel says the purpose of their program is to "provide men’s mentoring to develop your fitness, frame, and abundance as we help you create the best version of yourself."[3]

“Taking the red pill” is described by Georgetown University as, “…a reference to The Matrix, in which the main character takes a literal red pill in order to learn the truth about his society. In this context, the redpill refers to men awakening to the reality of male subjugation by women under feminism. The redpill dovetails with the fear that white men will lose their standing in a world they cannot dominate and lose their women to Black or brown men.”[4]

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Faculty [5]


Expo speakers have included Del Bigtree, Carrie Madej, who is known for spreading unfounded rumors about Covid-19 vaccines, and Mikki Willis, producer of the conspiracy documentary film, “Plandemic.”[6][7]

The Expo openly promotes the views of climate change deniers, like Lord Christopher Monckton who has shared the stage with farmer and author Joel Salatin.[8]

In 2018, Red Pill Expo featured the World Premier of "LAVOY: Dead Man Talking" A MOVIE PRODUCTION BY THE Center for Self Governance a tribute to LaVoy Finicum[9]

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