Republican 'culture of corruption': Articles & Commentary 2005

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The following are articles & commentary related to the main article Republican 'culture of corruption'.

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  • Marcia Angell, "What ails the FDA? Payola," Boston Globe, March 10, 2005.
  • Susanne Koelbl, Afghanistan: "The Aid Swindle," Der Spiegel, March 26, 2005: "The international community has sought to deliver quick success in rebuilding war-torn Afghanistan. But the country has become an El Dorado for international consultants and professional aid workers who ply the streets in Land Cruisers. Their methods have also fostered an atmosphere of corruption and sloppines that has left many Afghans feeling disappointed and cheated."



  • "Meet the Chairman: Dean Verbatim from Meet the Press," US Newswire, May 22, 2005: "Today, on Meet the Press, Governor Howard Dean stood firm under tough questioning while laying out a clear new direction for the Democratic Party. In the style of Harry Truman, Gov. Dean showed that he will be a chairman who sticks to his guns, tells the truth and keeps the presure on Republicans and their culture of corruption."






  • Carl Hulse, "In Raucous House Vote, G.O.P. Oil Refinery Bill Squeaks By," New York Times, October 8, 2005. "'House Republicans have taken the lead in providing America with price stability and a bold plan for this nation's energy future,' said Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, who along with Mr. DeLay and other senior lawmakers buttonholed and browbeat resistant Republicans as the clock ticked on the vote. Democrats attacked the substance of the bill and the process that the Republicans employed to force it through. The Democrats accused the majority of abusing House rules by stretching what should have been a five-minute vote to deliver a bill that Democrats said would benefit profitable oil companies but do little for American drivers."