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Sabre Foundation, "founded in 1969, works to build free institutions and to examine the ideals that sustain them." According to their website:

"Its largest project makes millions of dollars’ worth of donated books available to needy individuals in developing and transitional societies worldwide through non-governmental partner organizations, libraries, universities, schools, research organizations and other similar institutions." [1]

In 2005, the Dinner Committee for their 35th Anniversary was chaired by John C. Whitehead. Pdf

Funding (1994)

According to their 1994 Annual Report they received major funding from the following groups: [1]

$100,000 and over

$25,000 and over

Funding (2002)

According to their 2002 Annual Report they received major funding from the following groups: [2]

$100,000 and over

$50,000 and over

$20,000 and over

$10,000 and over



Advisory Committee (2005) [3]

  • Robert Amoako - Executive Director, Ghana Book Trust, Accra, Ghana
  • Kwame Anthony Appiah - Laurance S. Rockefeller University Professor of Philosophy, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
  • Anthea Christian - Wellington, Florida
  • Fred Coffey - Foreign Service Officer USIA (ret.), McLean, Virginia
  • Christopher Crockett - Seacoast Capital Partners, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Ellen Elliott - Former Board Member, National Peace Corps Association, San Francisco, California
  • James Fabiani - Fabiani & Company, Washington, D.C.
  • Elizabeth Falsey - Reader Services Librarian, Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Theodore W. Friend III - Former President, Swarthmore College, President Emeritus, Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships, Inc., Board of Advisors, U.S.-Indonesia Society, Villanova, Pennsylvania
  • Kathleen F. Hempstone - Program Officer, U.S.-South Africa Leadership Development Program, Washington, D.C.
  • Smith Hempstone - Retired Journalist, Former U.S. Ambassador to Kenya, Washington, D.C.
  • Michael Hornblow - Foreign Service Officer (ret.), Washington, D.C.
  • Robert Kowalczyk - Former Executive Director, Books for Africa, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • William A. Lindsay - Assistant Director and Chief Financial Officer, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Martin Linsky - Lecturer in Public Policy, The John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Alan L. Lucas - Partner, Ernst & Young LLP, New York, New York
  • Jay K. Lucker - Library Consultant, Former Director of Libraries, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lexington, Massachusetts
  • Anne H. Margulies - Executive Director, OpenCourseWare, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Robert A. G. Monks - Chairman, The LENS Fund, Portland, Maine
  • James F. Munsell - Partner, Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton LLP, New York, New York
  • Roman Procyk - Director, Ukrainian Studies Fund, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Charles Reafsnyder - Director, Center for International Education and Development Assistance, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
  • Andras Riedlmayer - Bibliographer, Aga Khan Program for Islamic Art and Architecture, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • William B. Robertson - Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Tampa, Florida
  • Sandra Robinson - Former Africa Director, Peace Corps, Executive Director, Bureau of Rehabilitation, Inc., Lanham, Maryland
  • Robert I. Rotberg - President, World Peace Foundation, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Mark Sidel - Professor of Law, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
  • Stanley Silverman - Former Comptroller, USIA, Arlington, Virginia
  • Jeff Spurr - Curator, Aga Khan Program for Islamic Art and Architecture, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts



872 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 2-1 Cambridge, MA 02139 U.S.A.

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