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Save the Elephants

"One of the world's foremost authorities on the African elephant, Iain Douglas-Hamilton pioneered the first in-depth scientific study of elephant social behaviour in Tanzania's Lake Manyara National Park at age 23.

"He received a D Phil in zoology from Oxford University for the work. During the 1970s he investigated the status of elephants throughout Africa and was the first to alert the world to the ivory poaching holocaust. He chronicled how Africa's elephant population was halved between 1979 and 1989 and helped bring about the world ivory trade ban...

"For his work on elephants he was awarded one of conservation's highest awards the Order of the Golden Ark." [1]

Trustees (2010)

Accessed August 2008: [2]

Trustees (2008)

Accessed August 2008: [3]

  • Late HRH Prince Bernhard (1911-2004) - Patron, Save the Elephants
  • Fritz Vollrath - Chairman, Save the Elephants
  • Late Sir Wilfred Thesiger (1910-2003) - Trustee, Save the Elephants
  • Felix Appelbe - Trustee, Save the Elephants
  • Marlene McCay - Trustee, Save the Elephants
  • Saba Douglas-Hamilton - Trustee, Save the Elephants
  • Peter Henderson - Trustee, Save the Elephants



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