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Biographical Information

"Sharon Shay Sloan (34) is a community steward, council trainer, writer, editor, project manager and rites of passage guide. She is the editor of Protecting Wild Nature on Native Lands and, for the past thirteen years, has worked internationally, including with Bioneers, the World Wilderness Congress and Beyond Boundaries. Her profound love of the wild and wilderness has been a driving force for her activist and personal work. Currently, she is the project manager for the Native Wild Lands & Seas Program for the WILD Foundation, a council trainer affiliated with Center for Council Practice of The Ojai Foundation, a wilderness rites of passage guide with Wilderness Reflections and a part-time steward in the Ownes Valley." [1]

"Sharon Shay Sloan is Director of the Indigenous & Community Lands & Seas program for The WILD Foundation; a certified council trainer with the Center for Council (Ojai Foundation); and co-editor of Protecting Wild Nature on Native Lands. She has been involved with Bioneers since 2001, currently supporting the Community of Mentors and Youth Programs, and coordinating and convening the Council tent.

"She is co-author of the report “Cross-Cultural Protocols in Rites of Passage: Guiding Principles, Themes and Inquiry,” and has had the honor of working with, alongside and/or for Indigenous Peoples from hundreds of nations. Long time friend of SSP, Shay gracefully and humbly offers her passion and skills, specifically related to the Way of Council, to the Stepping Stones community." [2]


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