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Siemens Business Services (SBS) is a German IT outsourcing contractor.

In the UK, Siemens Business Services received a contract from the Home Office in 2002 to build a back-office system for electronic passport applications [1].

SBS UK has also been an active player in the Home Office's moves towards a UK National Identity Cards Scheme. In May 2004, Siemens Business Services co-sponsored a one-day conference called "ID Cards: The Next Steps" [2]. The conference was organized by Intellect.

At the 2004 Labour Party conference, Siemens Business Services sponsored a panel discussion with the title "Who do we think we are? identity, diversity and citizenship". The panel featured Home Secretary David Blunkett, who is a strong advocate for national identity cards.

In April 2004, Siemens Business Services signed a contract with Sovereign Strategy Ltd., a policy and lobbying consultancy which has strong links with the Labour Party [3].

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