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Welcome to "Well Connected on SourceWatch," a portal into the issues and companies that make up the world of telecommunications, media and technology. Well Connected is a project of the Center for Public Integrity, and SourceWatch is part of the Center for Media and Democracy.

These articles were originally written by the staff of the Well Connected Project. They are part of the Telecom, Media and Intellectual Property (U.S.) Issue Portal on Congresspedia, and they also include articles about telecom, media and technology companies on SourceWatch.

The articles on telecom, media and intellectual property policy in this portal cover the congressional and regulatory debates about issues including copyright, trademark and patent law, Internet governance, telecommunications and wireless regulation, Net neutrality, broadband availability, cable television, media ownership and funding for public broadcasting.

For those who want to help the portal grow, two key resources are the working group page, and the "discussion" page for anyone to comment about this portal.


Feature Articles by Well Connected on SourceWatch
Article Original Reporter Original Article Date Published
Broadband availability Drew Clark [1] June 27, 2007
Digital copyright Stokely Baksh [2] July 13, 2007
Digital television Brendan McGarry [3] July 13, 2007
Regulating media content Andrew MacRae [4] July 13, 2007
Spectrum Brendan McGarry [5] July 13, 2007

The Well Connected Project and its Media Tracker began on May 22, 2003, and was relaunched on October 17, 2006. The Media Tracker allows anyone to type in their ZIP code, or city and state, and obtain a complete list of the television, radio, cable and newspaper companies that serve that area.

The Media Tracker is licensed under a modified Creative Commons license, allowing you to SHARE and REPRODUCE its datasets as long as you provide ATTRIBUTION to the Center for Public Integrity and do so for NON-COMMERCIAL users.

In addition to Media Tracker, the Well Connected Project has published more than 100 reports and Telecom Watch blog posts. It is also responsible for a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to obtain the names of the companies that provide broadband service in your ZIP code.

"Well Connected on SourceWatch" was launched on July 12, 2007. This collaboration combines the reporting expertise of the Well Connected Project with the distributive power of Congresspedia and SourceWatch, in an effort to encourage citizen-journalists to systematically engage in telecom, media and technology policy. More information about the Well Connected Project is available at this FAQ page.

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