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This is the homepage for the Telecom, Media and Intellectual Property Policy (U.S.) Working Group. A working group is a self-organized group of editors on this site (staff, citizen or volunteer sys-op) who work on expanding and improving a common set of articles. If you'd like to join this working group, add your name to the list of participants below and stop by the discussion page to say hello.

This working group is associated with the Portal:Telecom, Media and Intellectual Property Policy (U.S.) and all its articles. This particular portal as a collaboration with the Center for Public Integrity's Well Connected Project. More information about this joint effort is available at Well Connected on SourceWatch Because the topics on this portal deal with issues near and dear to the pulse of the blogosphere, the editors on this site expect great contributions from all you! In the near future, Well Connected on SourceWatch aims to add a taxonomy of telecom, media and technology policy subjects to this page.

Current projects and tasks

The main ongoing project right now is the Collaboration on national broadband policy, an exciting project to provide direct input to Sen. Dick Durbin as he writes a national broadband policy bill. Check out the collaboration page to get involved.

Other current projects and tasks:

  1. Start a requested article on a major subject. Here are the four that we believe are most urgent:
    1. Patent overhaul legislation
    2. Media ownership
    3. Universal Service Fund
    4. Video franchising
  2. Start a page for a particular piece of telecom, media and intellectual property. We've started with pages for the 110th Congress, and key laws from prior Congresses. But the goal is a page for bill in recent sessions of Congress.
  3. Build up a stub. Here is our list:

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If you know of something that needs to be done on an article in that portal, add it to its things you can do list.

Members of this working group may also choose to work on any other related articles, including non-Congresspedia articles. A full list of articles related to the portal is below.


Note: The original participant list was generated from the list of editors who have worked on articles in the related legislation portal. If you'd like to remove your username, feel free.

Featured Articles in Portal

Feature Articles by Well Connected on SourceWatch
Article Original Reporter Original Article Date Published
Broadband availability Drew Clark [1] June 27, 2007
Digital copyright Stokely Baksh [2] July 13, 2007
Digital television Brendan McGarry [3] July 13, 2007
Regulating media content Andrew MacRae [4] July 13, 2007
Spectrum Brendan McGarry [5] July 13, 2007

Complete Article list

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