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I was in the Naval Air during Viet Nam but never made it to Viet Nam. I felt the same sting when I returned back to the States from the protesters of that time. I believe that the Viet Nam war was a war of SHAME. Not for those serving our Country but the SHAME of those that would not and did not support us. If I remember correctly wasn't it a Democrat that got us into the Viet Nam war? And didn't Clinton dodge the draft, another Democrat? And now the Democrats are suing to have Nader left off the ballots because they are afraid that he will take away some of the vote. Where is our rights & freedoms? Do the Democrats not beleive in the rights & freedoms that we have fought for. I have voted Democrat before & I have also voted Republican. There is no way that I could vote for Kerry. I believe that he is a traitor to all of us that have served & are still serving in our Military. Did Edwards serve in the military. I haev heard no mention of that if he has. And what about the jobs that have been outsourced. Didn't Heinz outsource? When did they move osome of there operations overseas? I don't think it was when President Bush became President. I am so sick & tired of the Democrats & Media sounding like all Americans are a bunch of idiots. It takes years of planning for a coporation to relocate thier business.

I am proud of all of our service men & women and I am proud to have had the chance to serve and I would serve again if President Bush needed me. I am gratful to GOD that Preident Bush was in office when 911 occurred.

Thank you for allowing me this time.

James P. Gray 775-49-44 service number

P.O. Box 10484 Conway, AR 72034

e-mail bettm@earthlink.net