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To answer your question, M .... they knew! ... and now you know who "they" are, as well ... the same old, same old group.

"Since 1973 (Andrew Marshall) has headed a secretive think tank whose role is to envision future threats to national security."
One could wonder what this group was thinking about during the first eight months of 2001, while they had access to the extensive Hart-Rudman Task Force on Homeland Security report.

Marshall's "story" makes things much clearer, M ... how did you know? (or did you?) ....

You're some special, AI! Thanks for the good work; and could you please link "a secretive think tank..." to something for me/us?

I quite stumbled across the article by some standard serendipity which had nothing to do with Marshall or 9/11; musta had a weathereye open some bit perhaps.

The "secretive think tank" ... that's the Office of Net Assessment ... the secret think tank INSIDE the Pentagon!

Let me also take a SWAG here .. just about anybody who has been called a "Pentagon analyst" since Marshall took up residence at the ONA could be identified as a Marshall acolyte and "part of the team."

Links: Past Revolution, Future Transformations, RAND Corporation, 1999. Complete book online. Also see Bibliography for names and article related to ONA and Andrew Marshall.

[Reference]: A good general reference is Jeffery Barnett, "Future Warfare: Assessment of Future Aerospace Campaigns, 2010", Air War College, 1996. This reflects much work done for the Office of Net Assessment in the Department of Defense. Official discussions of the RMA and the related need to "transform the force" can be found in the Department of Defense's 1997 Quadrennial Defense Review and the Joint Staff's Joint Vision 2010. A forward-leaning article on what the RMA might mean if fully embraced is James R. Blaker, "A Vanguard Force: Accelerating the American Revolution in Military Affairs," Progressive Policy Institute, 1997. See also John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt, "In Athena's Camp: Preparing for Conflict in the Information Age," Santa Monica: RAND, 1997.