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Hugh, One of the servers that host (freehostempire) was closed permanently and I wasn't make any backup at all.

At his time I'm procesing all documents from original state (PDF) and convert them to an aproppiate web format (possibly gif, 350MB).

Tomorrow (01-21-2005) I'll upload all files to a private server to avoid these problems and everything will work again.

Best Regards,

Juan Pablo Reynal

The reference and links i put up regading the Argentina related FOIA documents were taken down, because i have been unable to connect via php to the MYSQL database.

I've tried mozilla (current stable beta) and IE 5.5. If anyone else wants to give it a go:

English Portal

--Hugh Manatee 08:35, 13 Jan 2005 (EST)

I moved the following irrelevent material:


Note: I have translated some parts of this site from Spanish to English and have lightly edited the English sections. I have attempted to translate the data accurately, but I make no claim as to its accuracy, and it is provided only as a brief description of this importanmt source of copyleft information.

--Hugh Manatee 15:21, 6 Jan 2005 (EST)

State Department Argentinian Documents

Interactive Access to Declassified Documents of Human Rights Abuses in Argentina between 1975-1984. It consists of all recently declassified documents by U.S. Departament of State related to human rights abuses in Argentina from 1975 to 1984. These documents have been converted from originals, merged into a database which which totals 15,000 records.

Access URLs

Information regarding data

Web Site Contact

Juan Pablo Reynal - jpr AT

About the Site

-|- begin translation -|-

This site does not prosecute anyone who reproduces data from it, nor is any profit made from it. All textual data, image files, the develped database, and programs used on this site are available for download. It is unencumbered by any type of legal copyright restrictions.

There are two primary objectives for this site's creation:

  • to store, automate and optimise with software tools the complete set of American Department of State documents recently declassified under the FOIA regarding the Military Dictatorship in Argentina
  • to enable this aforementioned data's accessibility through an internet portal

Many thanks to:

  • for their excellent opensource software and hosting of graphics files
  • freeHostEmpire and for their hosting of this site without any limitations on data transfers Soon, you will be able to see and download the programs, and documents used to build this site.

(The finishing touches on the security aspects need to be completed)

-|- end translation -|-

Request for Translation Help

The web site has an open request for any help or suggestions regarding document translation English-Español

(bi-directional), and document transcription from graphic files to processed text. Online word processor available for use.

Contact: Juan Pablo Reynal

--Stansand 06:21, 27 January 2008 (EST)