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Involvement in the Wisconsin Gubernatorial Recall Election

An ad paid for by Center for Union Facts aired in Wisconsin during the 2012 Recall

In the 2012 gubernatorial recall election in Wisconsin, Center for Union Facts spent just over $1 million on ads supporting Scott Walker.[1] One such ad, included here, does not mention Scott Walker or the recall. Salon reported that, "rather, [they] consist entirely of ads that CUF has already been running around the country... But make no mistake, the ads are about keeping Walker in office."[2] A CUF source said at the time, "'Wisconsin is one of our bigger buys at the moment,” says the CUF source, adding that, “we’re planning on moving into more states soon.”'[3]


In 2011, the Center for Union Facts reported $3,239,543 in total revenue, and $3,238,574 in gifts, grants, and contributions received.[4]

Between 2006 and 2012, Center for Union Facts received $1.92 million in funding from the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation.[5]

Further specificity regarding CUF's funding are unknown. United Press International noted that "the group's spokesman refused to release the names of its donors or say where its funding came from." [1]

Berman told Bloomberg reporter Kim Bowman in 2006 that he had raised "about $2.5 million from companies, trade organizations and individuals, whom he declined to identify." [2]

Sarah Longwell, a spokeswoman for the Center for Union Facts, echoed Berman's groups standard claim for secrecy on who funds their front groups. "The reason we don't disclose supporters is because unions have a long history of targeting anyone who opposes them, whether it be in a threatening way or by lodging campaigns against them," she told Detroit Free Press. [3]

The paper reported that while Wal-Mart Stores denied funding the group it stated that "it has a relationship in which it exchanges union information with Berman, the group's head." [4]

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