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frequently succeeding against the lavishly financed environmental movement and their taxpayer financed allies in the federal government.

Outside of Greenpeace and Sierra Club, there are very few "lavishly" funded environmental groups. (In fact Greenpeace reported 18,185,668 in donations for the year 2003,[1] see on page 10, and the Sierra Club reported 56 million in revenues and 29 million given out in grants to local groups [2]). Compare that to the timber industry, which has an annual PAYROLL of 51 billion. I think theres a tiny difference. You want taxpayer subsidies, go to the defense industry.

The second part is unsubstantiated (would you like to point exactly where the big bad Fed's were on the old oak forest sales of the mid 90's? or where are they now on the new roadless management rules?).