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I do not see how you can make any claims of these being false. You show only parts of memos. How do we know what was all allegedly "uncovered"? I do not agree with you that these kinds of memos would not be written down. I have seen and heard many similar things such as this, that sound just as stupid. People love to keep records of their words and ideas. Memo's are always thought initially, to be private. Ego is always factor in things of this nature. I am not saying these are in fact in existence. I am simply responding to your dispute comments. They are meaningless. I could do better if I chose to. I could not agree though that these do not exist. Thanks, Wayne

The fact that "only parts of memos" are shown reflects a decision by the Barnes Review, not by me. The fact that we don't know what was allegedly "uncovered" reflects their refusal to provide any information that could be used to independently verify their accuracy. If you still want to believe them, in the absence of any possibility of verification, by all means, feel free to do so. --Sheldon Rampton 14:11 20 Apr 2003 (EDT)
I would also note that many of us here are certainly not of the opinion that there isn't a fair amount of chumminess between the media and the administration when it comes to the war in Iraq. That said, accusations of some sort of international Jewry conspiracy are ridiculous. It makes valid and substantial criticisms of the media look loony.