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The Henry Jackson Society(HJS) is a British neocon think tank and political action committee. HJS was founded in Cambridge, England, on March 11, 2005, and was launched in the Houses of Parliament, on November 22, 2005, by Dr. Brendan Simms of Cambridge University in honor of the late Henry 'Scoop' Jackson, the Democratic Senator from Washington state, renowned for championing the right of Jewish emigration from the USSR to Israel. [1]

The Society, a think tank and political action committee, is based at the University of Cambridge and aims to promote 'democratic geopolitics'[citation needed]. Many of its supporters are among the most powerful people in Britain and the United States, including the former directors of the MI6 and CIA, the former President of Lithuania, a reem of British MPs, and a number of editorial staff from various newspapers[citation needed]. The secretive nature of the society is perhaps evidence of its considerable political influence[citation needed].

CSC merger

On 6 April 2011, the HJS announced that the Centre for Social Cohesion and HJS would be merging. The press release also announced: "Centre for Social Cohesion Director Douglas Murray will also be joining the Henry Jackson Society as Associate Director."

Signatories of the Statement of Principles

Source: Henry Jackson Society Signatories of the Statement of Principles.

Organising Committee/Key Personnel

Alan Mendoza
Exec. Dir. at The Henry Jackson Society
Douglas Murray
Assoc. Dir.
Robin Shepherd
Dir. of International Affairs
Michael Weiss
Dir. of Comm. and Public Relations
Davis Lewin
Political Dir.
Raheem Kassam
Dir. of Campaigns
Kate Shorts
Dev. Mngr.
Fleur Brading
Strategic Relations Mngr.
Geraldine Mortby
Exec. Asst. to the Dir.
Christiana Hambro
Events and Membership Mngr.
George Grant
Dir. for Global Security
Hannah Stuart
Rsch. Fellow
Houriya Ahmed
Rsch. Fellow
Robin Simcox
Rsch. Fellow
Julia Pettengill
Rsch. Fellow
Goor Tsalalyachin
Legacy Heritage Senior Rsch. Fellow
Marko Attila Hoare
Sect. Dir., European Neighbourhood
James Coady
Assoc. Fellow
Tufail Ahmad
Sect. Dir., South Asia
Camilla Hagelund
Assoc. Fellow, Russia and Eurasia
Peter Cannon
Sect. Dir., Latin America
Richard Cashman
Assoc. Fellow
Barak Seener
Founding Sect. Dir., Middle East
Sarah Richard
Rsch. Asst.
Erik Tropp
Rsch. Asst.
Rebecca Richards
Rsch. Asst.
Theo Julius
Rsch. Asst.
Daniel Surgeon
Rsch. Asst.
Silke Hoffmann
Rsch. Asst.
Ravi Sodha
Rsch. Asst.
Wasim Janjua
Rsch. Asst.
Washington DC
Brooke Goldstein
Assoc. Fellow, Governance, Strategy & Terrorism
Nazee Moinian
Assoc. Fellow, Middle East
Los Angeles
Adelle Nazarian
Program Dir., Los Angeles
Brendan Simms
John Bew
Matthew Jamison
Dir., Cambridge Operations
Jonathan Bronitsky
Assoc. Dir. Cambridge
James Rogers
Assoc. Fellow, European Union
Gideon Mailer
Sect. Dir., Africa
Source: HJS Staff (Accessed: 8 November 2011)


International Patrons


  • Just Journalism – HJS and JJ attend each other's events and co-promote/host others

Contact details

c/o Dr. Brendan Simms
The Henry Jackson Society
Cambridge CB2 1RD
United Kingdom

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It appeals to the New Labour "liberals" who are hawkish on foreign policy issues. It stands for the continued intervention in Iraq and aims to end suffering and injustice throughout the world.