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I removed these from the article page -- I don't really see that the first two add much to a profile on Hughes and the third is unreferenced.--Bob Burton 21:15, 15 July 2008 (EDT)

  • "is hardly a friend to career women. According to Flanders, he's "a man who believes in his heart that success like [Hughes'] shames society."
  • "Tina Brown wrote in her April 8, 2004, Washington Post "Cranking Up the Volumes on George Bush," an overview of the current parade of "kiss-and-tell" books by Bush administration insiders, that "Karen Hughes's new book 'Ten Minutes from Normal' drops into the changed atmosphere like a postage-due letter from Rip Van Winkle. The book is packed with uplifting boilerplate about a strong, loyal, straight-shooting, decisive boss. Hughes has barnstormed the talk shows in her purpose-built pantsuit to restore the memory of Bullhorn Bush in the rubble of the World Trade Center, after the onslaught of Clarke and the 9/11 commission. 'Well, Tim (or Larry, or Katie, or Barbara), that's not how I see it.' It's a weird paradox that at the moment when the Bush government machine seems to have careened out of control -- with the botched padlocking of Condi, the failure to hand over the Clinton papers, the fuzzy numbers on Medicare -- the Bush fundraising/attack machine has never been more disciplined. At the same time that Hughes is doing her girly interview with Barbara Walters about why she went home to Texas to have more quality time with her kid, the campaign is systematically carpet-bombing John Kerry with a devastatingly effective comic ad about gasoline prices. ... Reporters were stonewalled for so long by the White House and spun so skillfully by Hughes that a tsunami of pent-up journalistic energy built up, and now it's breaking at just the wrong time for the Bush reelection plans."
  • "One of the questions raised during her confirmation hearings (but avoided by Hughes) had to do with her possible role in the Valerie Plame affair."