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Named after Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, "In 1966 a society was founded in Britain, and while at first largely confined to academics, the study groups it spawned began to attract a more diversified membership... Dr Robert Glynn Eaithfull, a modern languages lecturer at London University, principal of Braziers, the voluntary adult ccillege at Ipsden. Oxfordshire, and one of the commune which runs its farm, is the new chairman of the society...

"This is likely to reach a far wider circle than the society's eight-year-old magazine, The Teilhard Review, a high-level forum for futurologists, biologists, priests and other specialists attracted by Teilhard's work...

"The society was among the first to introduce the ideas of Ivan Illich to Britain when it invited him to address a weekend seminar in 1971, where he explained his ideas on the need for a simpler level of technology and less wasteful use of resources. Vice-presidents of the society include Professor Garaudy; Dr Margaret Mead, the anthropologist; Professor Raimondo Panikkar, the Catholic priest and theologian, and Canon David Jenkins. the Anglican theologian and author. Dr Glynn Faithfull said he thought of himself as a humanist, and the wide range of ideologies and beliefs which the society represents has worried some people. Miss Vivienne Lake, the secretary who has just taken over from Mrs Renee-Marie Croose Parry, honbrary sectetary of the society from the time it began, explained the society's policy. Vivienne, a Catholic', has returned from Rome, where she was working with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, to take up the job." [1]

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