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Timothy Egan is President of the High Park Group, "a public policy consulting firm that focuses largely on energy issues out of its offices in Toronto and Ottawa", Canada. He is "retained by" and Senior Advisor to the Canadian Electricity Association "on a range of issues, including US advocacy (monitoring the US Congress and the Administration on issues of interest to the Canadian electricity industry)."[1]

In October 2005, Egan was listed as one of three directors for the Canadian federal corporation registration of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project.[1]

Egan is also "a registered lobbyist for the Canadian Gas Association, which is part of an energy industry coalition that includes the Canadian Nuclear Association, the Canadian Association of Oil Well Drilling Contractors, the Canadian Energy Alliance, the Propane Gas Association of Canada, Inc., the Petroleum Services Association of Canada, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute, the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association and the Coal Association of Canada, (as well as some conservation and alternative energy interests such as the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, the Canadian Wind Energy Association and Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Canada)," Jim Hoggan wrote.[2]

"But while a paid apologist for this fossil-fuel-dominated group directs NRSP operations, and while the NRSP's stated purpose is to block government action on climate change - the Canadian public has no right to ask who's paying the bills for the NRSP campaign ... That may be legal, but it doesn't seem right," Hoggan commented.[2]

In response to an email inquiry, Dr. Timothy Ball, the Chairman and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project (NRSP), a climate change skeptics group, wrote that "the idea for NRSP came from Tim Egan".[3]

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