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Van Scoyoc Associates, Inc. is a government affairs/lobbying firm that was founded in 1990.

Van Scoyoc Associates (VSA) represents 20 of the largest 200 U.S. corporations, as well as more than 50 universities (and their medical centers), trade associations, non-profits, and foreign governments.

Van Scoyoc Associates is registered as a foreign agent of the United Kingdom due to it's work on behalf of the British Embassy's Defense Procurement Office, of Greece on behalf of its work for the government of Greece, and of Egypt on behalf of its work for the government of Greece lobbying for arms sales and foreign aid.

O'Dwyer's PR Daily, in its September 26, 2005 newsletter, mentioned that The Lincoln Group hired Van Scoyoc Associates as their lobbying firm.


The newsletter also identified some of VSA's lobbyist team members:

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Lobbying Clients

Records from the Clerk of the House of Representatives provides a list of 273 of the firm's lobbying clients. (Accessed December 14, 2005.)

Contact details

101 Constitution Avenue, NW
Suite 600 West
Washington, DC 20001
Telephone: 202 638-1950
Fax: 202 638-7714