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Yassil C. Yanco, "Humanitarian, Logistics and Relief Operations" for the Iraq Forum for Reconstruction and Development (IFRAD). According to IFRAD's web site, Yanco

  • Worked with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for over eight years.
  • Deputy Head of ICRC Mission in Yemen.
  • Deputy to the ICRC Delegate General for the Middle East for Special Assignments in areas of negotiating with various fighting groups in Jordan, South and North Yemen and Lebanon for releasing prisoners, kidnapped hostages, and passengers.
  • Negotiating with government officials during armed conflicts.
  • Bridged relationships between various fighting factions (including militants) and ICRC Missions in the region.
  • Negotiated and streamlined ceasefire agreements between certain warring factions in the Middle East.
  • In charge of the logistics and relief operations covering four countries in Middle East: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen.
  • Involved in all aspects of operations in Iraq during the political conflict between Iraq and Iran.
  • Involved in missions Egypt and Djibouti.
  • Organized and opened the ICRC regional warehouses in Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Streamlined and carried-out the transfer of wounded civilians to hospitals in Middle East and Europe during armed conflicts.
  • Organized and carried out large relief surveys and relief operations during four armed conflicts in Middle East in coordination with National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Middle East, Europe, and US.
  • Coordinated and organized the flow of all International relief supplies into ICRC regional warehouses from various National Red Cross and Crescent Societies in Europe and Middle East.
  • Procured and organized the distribution of relief supplies to refugee camps and displaced civilians.
  • Determined political risks and possible local hostilities and was responsible for notifying the ICRC head office in Geneva, Switzerland of these possible conflicts and accordingly set plans of action.
  • During crisis situations took immediate actions and made critical decisions according to the principles of Geneva Conventions to safeguard the lives of those under serious threat.
  • Organized and lead large relief convoys during armed conflicts in Yemen, Jordan and Lebanon.
  • Administered budgets and cash flow of ICRC regional warehouses.
  • Responsible for estimating local conflict relief budgets.
  • Awarded the Jordanian Humanitarian Services Medal by late King Hussein of Jordan, Certificates of Recognition for Humanitarian Services from Yasser Arafat, Head of the Palestinian Authority and other National Red Crescent Societies in Yemen, Jordan and Iraq, for services.

Business Management and International Trade

  • Founded, owned, and directed two successful companies in the field of software development and wireless communications for local, national and International delivery companies, and in the field of local and national delivery, International freight, mail, and packaging services.
  • Served for two consecutive terms as the elected President of the Washington Metropolitan and Delivery Association for Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.
  • Increased membership from 22 members to 127 members, and successfully launched the first trade show for the delivery industry. In addition, served on national courier association board and mailroom supervisors' association board.

Independent International consultant

  • Negotiated trade contracts through International corporations' offset programs and between Peruvian, Nigerian, and Yemeni private/public sectors.
  • Negotiated with high-level government officials and the private sector in the Philippines for the introduction of public transportation vehicles and the exportation of local products to certain regions in Middle East and Europe.
  • Exported vast quantities and varieties of household appliances from Switzerland and Germany into Iraq prior to U.N. Sanctions.
  • Created, organized, and coordinated infrastructure ventures in Jordan, Yemen, and other parts of Middle East.
  • Streamlined and negotiated crude oil spot and short-term contracts between Ministry of Oil in Yemen and mid-sized Russian and U.S. oil corporations.