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The Yemen Times was founded in 1990, and "the first edition of the Yemen Times newspaper came out on February 28, 1991. It was Yemen's first English language newspaper, and continues to be the country's only English newspaper.

"The paper pursues vigorously information gathering, and therefore, has offices and stringers all over the country. It supports press freedom, respect for human rights, political pluralism and democracy. It promotes Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and other forms of civil society organizations. At the economic front, it supports liberalization and open interaction with other nations. As its publisher and chief editor, Professor Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, says,
"We use the Yemen Times to make Yemen a good world citizen."
"Given its visible contribution, the Yemen Times in general, and its editor in particular, were awarded the NPC's International Award for Freedom of the Press for 1995. As the only source of current information on Yemen in English, the newspaper serves as a vital contact point for foreigners interested in Yemen." [1]


Walid Al-Saqqaf, "Publisher and Editor in Chief, Yemen Times. Mr Al-Saqqaf became Publisher and Editor in Chief in 1999, eight years after his father established the newspaper. Mr Al-Saqqaf has both organized and participated in a large number of international workshops and seminars." [2]

Hafez Al-Bukari "has written numerous articles in Yemeni and U.S. newspapers, including the Yemen Times, Yemen Observer, the Washington Times, and the National Review." [3]

"Hatem Bamehriz, formerly a journalist for the Yemen Times, is the deputy country director of NDI's field office in Yemen and has implemented programs over the last five years in such areas as political party development, civil society organization, parliamentary support and election commission training." [4]

In 2006, "Sanaa, Oct 26 - Organized by the Internews Arabic Network in cooperation with Yemen News Agency Saba, a 3-day training workshop winded up last Friday. Around 37 participants from Yemen, Oman and Bahrain took part in the event entitled “Journalism Ethics and International Protection Provisions”. The trainers journalist Majdi Helmi, and law experts Mahmoud Kendeel and Mohammed al-Ghamri were all from Egypt. The participants were shown the code of ethics of journalism in some countries and how they can go for international protection in case their rights of free reporting were violated.

"Mr. Karim al-Rawi, Internews Director for Middle East and North Africa told the Yemen Times that the idea of running this workshop which is the fifth for Internews in the Arab countries was a result of an invitation of Saba News. He said that the Internews Arabic Network which is a branch of Internews International was set up this year 2003. Internews has offices in 18 countries and is operating in over 40 countries; its branches work independently." [5]


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