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According to the organization's web site, New Uses Council (NUC) is "a dynamic and expanding, 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization dedicated to the development and commercialization of biobased products. These products are made from traditional and new agricultural and forestry crops and residues; rights-of-way, park, yard and garden trimmings; the clean biomass portion of municipal wastes; and, when needed, aquatic biomass grown in an environmentally enhancing manner. NUC maintains that biobased products reduce dependence on fossil energy, particularly imported oil, and thereby enhance national, energy, homeland, economic and environmental security. Importantly, biobased products put farmers, ranchers, dairymen and foresters in the forefront in stabilizing greenhouse gas emissions while improving the economy in rural and urban communities.

"These New Uses represent growing and important new value-added opportunities for agriculture, industry, the environment, and the economy based on providing cost-competitive, environmentally improved products made from renewable resources.

"Over the past two years, NUC has aggressively expanded the breadth and expertise of our diverse membership by bringing three other key non-profit organizations under our umbrella, starting a new trade association, spearheading innovative private/public information campaigns and serving the cause of new uses and biobased products as we have been since our founding in 1990."

Board of Directors

Advisory Committee


7777 Walnut Grove Road, Suite B4, Box 50
Memphis, TN 38120
Ph: 901-309-1668
Fax: 901-309-3823