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Coffey International Ltd

“Our journey began nearly fifty years ago as a specialist ground engineering company. “Today Coffey International Limited is one of the top 300 companies on the Australian Stock Exchange.” [1]

According to their 2006 Annual Report “Another record result for Coffey International Limited EBITA of $22.3 million, up 49% A post-tax profit of $13.4 million, up 37% (before adoption of AIFRS ) A posttax profit of $11.6 million, up 4% (after adoption of AIFRS ) A 49% increase in revenue to $251.9 million 19% organic growth, excluding acquisitions.”

According to the Green Left Weekly (2005): “Coffey also owns SAGRIC, one of the largest recipients of AusAID funding and a company that has the contract “to employ and send over the [Australian] Federal Police contingent to PNG”.” [2]

Writing in 2005, Ethical Investor observed that:

“Australian engineering and consulting firm Coffey International will ‘finalise shortly’ a purchase agreement over an armed forces and paramilitary training provider with Middle East expertise, it was announced last month.
“Historically, Coffey's International Development Business has provided aid-focussed engineering, scientific and project management services in development and environmental resources.
“In a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange, Coffey International announced that it was ‘yet to exercise its option to purchase 100 per cent of Specialist Training Australia [STA], but the directors expect that this transaction will be finalised shortly’.
“Last March, Coffey was granted a 12-month option to purchase STA.
”At this time, Coffey announced that STA ‘develops and project manages specialised training programs tailored for the Middle East market. Operating from its base in Adelaide, it has already secured an impressive stream of projects and opportunities, particularly in the armed forces and para-military sectors’.” [3]

2007 Directors

Accessed September 2007: [4]

2004 Directors [5]

Owned by Coffey International Limited [6]

Twenty largest quoted equity security holders

"The names of the twenty largest holders of quoted equity securities as at 8 September 2004 are listed below: [7]



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