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Council for the Future

"The Council was forged by a group of individuals who came together in their common passion to create a positive future. Barbara Marx Hubbard, president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, author and futurist, provided the inspiration that sealed the union. The board of directors of the Council consists of some of the most influential and dynamic individuals supporting space development today. Each one is motivated by the sense of emergent possibilities that must be understood, connected and communicated widely. In coming together as they did for the first time in October 2005, there was a common recognition that what they were all reaching for was not merely to create a spacefaring civilization. What they really desired—and saw space development as a means of achieving—was a hopeful and positive existence for all humankind that stretched into the indefinite future. By the end of that October meeting, three leading space advocacy groups, the Space Frontier Foundation, the National Space Society and the Mars Society, joined together to create the Council for the Future, conceiving it as a focal point for a larger movement that would include all other sectors of society." [1]

"What sets the Council apart from other ‘whole world’ efforts is our central contention that an evolving civilization and human consciousness is undeniably linked to life’s expansion beyond the cradle of Earth out into the solar system and beyond.

"The Council is shaping an Earth/Space/Human Development Agenda. The Council is also shaping a new social meme or world view that is consistent with that Agenda. As part of the meme, there is full agreement as to the imperative of extending human civilization into space, and that logical coherent steps must be taken in the very near term to facilitate that accomplishment." [2]


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