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The Engage Network "is an innovation in social networking. We help everyday people create social change by equipping them as leaders in their communities. We develop original curricula & cutting-edge trainings to build local leadership one person, one small group, and one community at a time." [1]


"In our first year, Engage has launched three sectors of the Network: [2]

  • What's Your Tree. based on the story of legendary treesitter and bestselling author Julia Butterfly Hill, provides a way for people to "find their own tree," while building small groups and social networks in their communities.
  • Off the Mat, Into the World™ builds on the social change vision of renowned yoga teacher Seane Corn. It guides participants to define their purpose and become active in their local and global communities in an effective, sustainable and joyful way.
  • Green For All, based on the inspiring vision of Van Jones, is dedicated to building an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty.

Influences & Inspiration

"We draw strategy from hundreds of environmental and social change organizations, corporations, online and offline networks, political campaigns, churches, spiritual centers and more. Highlights from our extensive list of resources are listed below. [3]

  • The Starfish and The Spider: the Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations By Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom
  • The Purpose Driven Church: Growth Without Compromising Your Message & Mission By Rick Warren
  • Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming By Paul Hawken
  • Coming Back to Life: Practices to Reconnect Our Lives and Our World By Joanna Macy
  • Mousepads, Shoe Leather, and Hope: Lessons from the Howard Dean Campaign for the Future of Internet Politics By Zephyr Teachout and Thomas Streeter


Web: http://www.engagenet.org

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