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Humanity In Action (HIA) "believes that an important test of a genuine democracy is how it treats its racial, ethnic and religious minorities, and that the commitment to democratic values and the protection of minorities cannot be taken for granted in the United States and Europe.

Therefore, HIA seeks to engage younger generations in histories of resistance and to inspire them to fulfill their moral responsibilities to protect those in danger from institutionalized violations of minority rights. It seeks to strengthen the commitment of American and European university students to democratic values and foster their knowledge of resistance to intolerance—past and present." [1]

"The Humanity In Action Foundation (HIA) sponsors an integrated set of educational programs for university students and post-graduates in America, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, France, and Poland." [2]

Executive Director - Judith S. Goldstein


William and Ronnie Potter, Annie Schlechter, Miriam Schwedt, Joan Shigekawa, Jordan Siev, Betsey Webster, Lisa Wohl 2005-2006 Annual Report pdf (for lesser funders)

Board of Directors


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