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Jack Burkman is a former Congressional staffer, a former Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign staffer, a lobbyist and a pundit.

Bush-Cheney campaign staffer

Burkman's website says he was a "surrogate speaker for the surrogate speakers unit" and that he made a "variety of national cable appearances." [1]


Burkman has been a frequent paid pundit on television, appearing on:

  • WTTG FOX 5 (Washington, D.C), June 2003 - present. Burkman says he was a "legal analyst for the station. Weekly analysis of the two DC sniper trials as well as commentary on other cases." [2]
  • "Power of Attorney", a nationally syndicated daytime television show, May 2001 - December 2001. [3]
  • Fox News, political analyst, January 1999 - December 1999. Burkman's website says he "commented on a variety of political issues relating to the Clinton White House." [4]

Guest appearances

Burkman's website lists a number of guest appearances, including:

  • CNN, 1998 - present. "Twelve appearances. Analysis of legal and political topics."
  • Crossfire (CNN), 2001 - present. "Six appearances. Various legal topics."
  • Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher (ABC), 1998-2002. "Twelve appearances. Participated on panels with political figures and major motion picture stars."
  • Scarborough Country (MSNBC), 2003-present. "Forty-one appearances. Analysis of a variety of political topics: Kerry campaign, Election 04, Michael Moore, Dean Campaign, Hillary Clinton's future, and Bush and immigration."

Congressional staffer

Burkman's website says that he was Legislative Council for Rep. Rick Lazio (R-N.Y.) from February of 1995 to January of 1997. His website says he:

"Responsible for Banking and Commerce Committee assignments. Developed substantial expertise in financial services legislation. Worked extensively with House leadership staff. Participated in the 1995 Whitewater investigation, including the interrogation of Webster Hubbell." [6]


Burkman has been a lobbyist for two firms and his Web site says "meetings with senior White House and DHS staff as well as with prominent Members of Congress are common for most clients." [7]

In addition to lobbying disclosed on the Senate's Office of Public Records site (sopr.senate.gov) [8], Burkman claims to have done lobbying-related activity for:

  • "THE SMITH-FREE GROUP, January 1997 - October 1998. Devised legislative strategy for a range of clients, including: AT&T, Sony Pictures, Columbia/HCA Hospitals, and Sony Music. Worked extensively with House Leadership, House and Senate Banking, House Commerce, House and Senate Judiciary. Active in G.O.P. politics: RNC and NRSC." [9]
  • "HOLLAND & KNIGHT, LLP, October 1998 - June 2002. Senior Counsel. Legislative representation of a variety of corporate and international clients. Focus on Banking Committees and House and Senate leadership." [10]

JM Burkman & Associates

Burkman is a lobbyist for JM Burkman & Associates, a Washington, DC, area lobbying firm. His clients have included:

Lathrop & Gage

Burkman is also a lobbyist for Lathrop & Gage. His clients have included:

  • City of St. Louis [36]
  • Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water Commissn [37]
  • Malcolm Pirnie Inc [38]
  • St Louis 2004 [39]


Burkman makes frequent appeals to the importance of morals and "family values" on his pundit appearances, including a statement that "this issue [gay marriage] and the moral fabric of the country is five times as important as the war on terror and the war in Iraq combined... I mean, if Osama bin Laden thinks he can defeat the United States by knocking over buildings, he‘s crazy. But where we will fall and where we are falling as a civilization is from within." [40] (See a Google search of "Jack Burkman family values" for more examples.) Going against his family values, his phone number was very recently found in the "DC Madam" phone database. [41]

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