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Melissa Lynn Bradley is a director of the Independent Press Association and "is Founder and President of New Capitalist - a consulting firm committed to providing business development, strategy, capitalization and management assistance to entrepreneurs and senior management. Its mission is to leverage human, financial and social capital to create economically profitable and sustainable individuals, businesses and communities." [1]

"In 1991, Melissa Bradley founded The Entrepreneurial Development Institute (TEDI), an organization whose mission is to serve as a catalyst for permanent social change, economic development and community empowerment. In 1999, she launched New Capitalist - supporting emerging and social entrepreneurs. And, in 2004, Melissa served as Managing Director of Positive Impact - which promotes diverse voices and visions within independent media.

"Melissa graduated from Georgetown University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the School of Business, and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing from American University. Her work has been published in "Social Policy," "The State of Corrections," an American Correctional Association publication and the "National Civic Review." In March 2004, Melissa was selected as a Soros Justice Fellow, a two-year professional fellowship that supports outstanding individuals who will advance the criminal justice priorities of Open Society Institute's U.S. Justice Fund." [2]

"Melissa is also Founder and former President of Bradley Development Incorporated (BDI), a national educational and financial consulting firm." [3]

"Bradley-Burns is currently Chair of Social Venture Network (" [1]

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