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The Social Science Research Council "leads innovation, builds interdisciplinary and international networks, and focuses research on important public issues. Independent and not-for-profit, the SSRC is guided by the belief that justice, prosperity, and democracy all require better understanding of complex social, cultural, economic, and political processes." [1]

"The Social Science Research Council is an independent, not-for-profit research organization founded in 1923. Based in New York City, it mobilizes researchers, policy makers, professionals, activists, and other experts from the private and public sectors to develop innovative approaches to issues of critical social importance." [2]


Accessed December 2007: [4]

Program Directors and Program Officers

Accessed December 2007: [5]

  • Richard Arum - Program Director, Knowledge Institutions
  • Frank Baldwin - Program Director/Tokyo Representative, Abe Fellowships; Japan Program
  • Tatiana Carayannis - Associate Director, Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum
  • Mary-Lea Cox - Communications Director
  • Alex de Waal - Program Director, HIV/AIDS and Social Transformation; Emergencies and Humanitarian Action
  • Jim Della-Giacoma - Associate Director, Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum
  • Josh DeWind - Program Director, International Migration; Religion, Immigration and Civic Life; Law and Culture; International Collaboration
  • Nicolas Guilhot - Research Fellow
  • Jennifer Holdaway - Program Director, International Migration; Environment and Health in China
  • Joe Karaganis - Program Director, Culture, Creativity and Information Technology; Arts; Communication as a Right and a Public Good; Media and Democracy
  • Jennifer Klot - Senior Adviser, HIV/AIDS and Social Transformation
  • Anthony Koliha - Assistant Director, Eurasia
  • Nina McCoy - Vietnam Representative
  • Paul Price - Editorial Director
  • Ravi Rajakumar - Associate Director of Communications for Web Development
  • Diana Rhoten - Program Director, Knowledge Institutions; International Collaboration
  • Srirupa Roy - Program Officer/Senior Adviser, International Collaboration; South Asia
  • Peter Sahlins - Director of Academic Programs; Program Director: Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship; International Dissertation Research Fellowships; Social Sciences and the Environment
  • Renata Segura - Program Officer, Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum
  • Seteney Shami - Program Director, Eurasia; Middle East and North Africa; International Collaboration
  • Leon Sigal - Director, Northeast Asia Cooperative Security Project
  • Nicole Stahlmann - Director, Fellowships Office; Associate Director, International Dissertation Research Fellowship Program
  • Van Tran - Associate Director, Vietnam
  • Jonathan VanAntwerpen - Program Officer/Research Fellow, Religion and International Affairs; Religious Engagements of American Undergraduates
  • Cally Waite - Program Director, SSRC-Mellon Mays Fellowships
  • Teresa Whitfield - Director, Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum





  • Michael Barker, “Progressive Social Change In The 'Ivory Tower'? A Critical Reflection on the Evolution of Activist Orientated Research in US Universities,” Swans Commentary, December 1, 2008.
  • Nana Osei-Kofi, “Coercion, Possibility, or Context? Questioning the Role of Private Foundations in American Higher Education,” Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 31 (1), February 2010, pp.17-28.

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